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Description: A refreshingly unique & powerful approach to removing mental obstacles, Molly McGinnis, MPCC, utilizes Subconscious Reformation by targeting emotional blocks to healing & personal growth; helping your own mind to heal itself! Claim ur MIND; Claim ur LIFE
Additional Info: Our goal for treatment is, & always has been, "Imagine living life no longer 'in reaction to...'" Authentically living as YOU & not as a reaction to any person or event. KNOWING and TRUSTING yourself. If this is also your goal, then we're on the same page!
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Molly McGinnis, MPCC
Molly McGinnis, MPCC

Stop living simply "in reaction to" other people & past situations. We help remove the barriers that seperate you from YOU - true freedom is knowing & TRUSTING yourself so fully that there is no more overthinking, self-critizing , or allowing others opinions to be more valid to us than our own. It has been said that within our lifetime, the average person just living their life, will affect 50,000 people. At McGinnis Theory & Practice, we call that a legacy. Think about the legacy you'd like to leave your 50,000 people - at the very least don't YOU want to be the leader of that? When trauma barriers are gone, we are able to connect to our unique & special traits (flaws & all). We align with our authentic self CLEARLY, & COURAGEOUSLY. Get ready to become manipulation-proof & start leading your path to happiness & fulfillment. No more waiting for "one day" - its your time now. By targeting subconscious barriers, we have helped over 15,000 clients maximize their mind's own ability to self-heal! We specialize in childhood trauma/ PTSD symptoms, recovering from codependency or narcissistic abuse, toxic relationships, & being stuck destructive patterns. Nothing like traditional talk-therapy, we utilize Subconscious Reformation interventions to target subconscious blocks in a creative & powerfully effective way. Disturbing events are not reprocessed, & while the memory of them may not go away, the emotional impact they had most certainly will; allowing a sense of freedom & control. || Click and paste to watch video on CHILDHOOD ROOTS: || || Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Argosy University & studied at ASU for a Doctorate of Behavioral Health; focus in Integrative Medicine. We are a life coaching service, offering subconscious healing treatment/therapy, not mental health counseling; we are in no way affiliated with the AZ Board of Behavioral Health Examiners.