Business: Mandala Massage Studio
Description: Mandala Massage is an independent studio committed to providing top quality massage at an affordable rate - no membership necessary. Jen Fenderson has been a licensed massage therapist in Springfield, MO since 2001.
Additional Info: Payment due at time of service. Add-on services are also available - try an Aromatic Foot Treatment, a Muscle Relief Percussion Massage Gun, a Mini Hot Stone Add-On or a Clay Heat Pack. Purchase Gift Cards by phone, receive in the mail! 417-861-4823
Logo: Mandala Massage Studio
Phone: 4178614823
Address: 4411 E Sunshine
Suite H Cedar Lake Offices
Springfield MO 65809
Business Hours: Mondays 12pm - 8pm Tuesdays + Wednesdays 2:00 - 9:00 pm Thursdays + Fridays 12pm - 6 pm. Gift Cards Available - pay by phone + receive in mail! 417-861-4823
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