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Description: . Massage is an effective tool for managing this stress, which translates into: Decreased anxiety. Enhanced sleep quality. Greater energy. Improved concentration. Increased circulation. Reduced fatigue.
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Phone: 9013544449
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Bartlett TN 38134-2860
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Business Hours: 11am to 6pm. Sunday thru Saturday. Closed Monday
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Although I graduated in 2012, I’ve been something of a massage therapist all my life. One of my siblings would shrug painfully……it was a given I would improve the situation. My massage career started in Tachakowa, Japan when I was two years old. Massage was commonplace. My parents went once a week, on base, and came back glowing and Mother showed me how. I did the same for all of us. My hands were too small, so I ran my Tonka truck up and down everyone’s back. My family loved it and I found my calling. Now, instead of a Tonka truck, I use hot stones.