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Description: MoYo Movement™ unites movements of mobility & strength training as well as somatic & yoga exercises to help individuals with physical tension and pain move with more freedom and integrity. This incorporates somatic awareness to instill positive change.
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Loveland CO 80537
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Annette Bray
Annette Bray

Annette Bray revels in the process of helping others to feel into the present in their body to transmute challenging sensations and emotions into a felt sense experience of authenticity, empowerment and love. As a breast cancer survivor and journeywoman of life, she has come to know that the challenges within us can physically manifest as the pain of emotion yet to be seen and released. Her 20 years of professional expertise in anatomy, yoga and trauma informed movement enable her to take individuals through a transformative journey of body and emotions. She utilizes the profound tool of somatic (body) awareness in stillness and movement…and connection to the natural world within us and around us. MoYo Movement™ interweaves the biomechanical principles of mobility and the mindful discipline of yoga, as well as the artful practice of somatic movement. Annette helps her clients improve the way they move and experience their body from the emotional realm. This allows profound change, as mind and body are integrated to engage the nervous system in a new way of being.