Myrtle Henry Sodhi 

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in Ajax, ON

Description: Myrtle (Afro Quill) Sodhi is a healing arts practitioner who believes in the power of the arts, movement, and breath to charge energy centers that strengthen expression & self-acceptance. Her training includes, movement, meditation, & coaching.
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Logo: Myrtle Henry Sodhi
Phone: 9056211848
Address: 5 Bradbury Crescent

Ajax ON L1T 4H4
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Myrtle Sodhi
Myrtle Sodhi

Myrtle Henry Sodhi offers integrative art experiences for women, with an emphasis on the Black community, focusing on self-acceptance + liberation through an Afro-Caribbean wellness lens. She is a visual artist, writer, and educator who believes in the importance of joy, pleasure and cultivating compassionate practices to build community in order to create a socially just world.  Her training includes, movement, meditation, coaching and ancestral healing.