Business: Meraki Hair Styling LLC_Emily Pattengale
Description: - Hair Stylist - You can expect a fun and relaxing experience catering to your desired hairstyle when you join me in the salon. I offer women's, men's and kids hair services of all kinds. Wedding day styling is also available, email or call for info.
Additional Info: Meraki - To leave a piece of your soul, creativity, or love in your work...
Logo: Meraki Hair Styling LLC_Emily Pattengale
Phone: 4063904824
Address: 304 Gallatin Park Drive Suite 121

Bozeman MT 59715
Business Hours: Appointment available during listed times below. Also available by text (406) 390.4824 to assist with scheduling times. Monday 9:00-6:00 Tuesday 9:00-6:00 Wednesday 9:00-6:00 Thursday 9:00-6:00 Friday by availability.
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