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For those of you who want to dip your toes into what it's like to receive an intuitive, psychic or mediumship reading, this is a great place to start at an introductory price point! Here's how this works: Have a song ready or band/musician you want to start with. I plug this into my streaming service and Spirit manipulates the songs to give you a message through me. I dive deeper into the message and deliver what Spirit wants you to hear. I offer this reading via phone or Zoom. This is an INTRODUCTORY price and can ONLY be used for first time clients. *This service used to be an email reading based off your picture and song choice for the music reading. However, it is much more practical to do this in real-time! **People really love this type of reading because you get a list of songs that your loved one might use in the future to communicate with you!
05/22 - 09/30
$100.0000 off