Business: Music 4 Life® Inc.
Description: Music4Life® is changing the culture of music consumption, one person at a time. Schedule M4L music therapists to personalize support that adjusts music listening habits for maximum benefit to reduce anxiety, stress and build resiliency.
Additional Info: No matter your age, all music genres are recognized to enhance quality of life with personalized medicinal playlists [preferred and new music] to activate Mood Sequence Formulas™ that meet mental health and performance goals.
Logo: Music 4 Life® Inc.
Phone: 7028892881
Address: 3311 S. Rainbow Blvd
Suite 112
Las Vegas NV 89146
Business Hours: After your appointment is confirmed you will receive via email the link to our client portal. Secure payment transmittal is done at the end of your session or billed to your company.
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