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Description: Whatcom County's home of Thai Massage, Yoga Therapy, McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release & Bowen. Locations Bellingham (M-Th) Continuing Education courses available.
Additional Info: The studio does not have a phone number! Contact us individually, or by email to Lise, Sam and DJ offer therapeutic massage in Bellingham most days of the week! Thank you!
Logo: The Metta Center for Healing Arts: Thai Massage, Scar Tissue Release, Massage & Yoga Therapy
Phone: 0001234567
Address: 1602 Carolina St, D12, Bellingham 98229

Bellingham WA 98229
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Business Hours: Varies by appointment only
Payment Types Accepted: Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover
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Lise Flora Waugh, C-IAYT, LMT
Lise Flora Waugh, C-IAYT, LMT

My clients and students are my best teachers, and they have taught me to listen with my hands, heart and soul. I have been influenced by many great minds in the health and wellness realm and am happy to share- most notably: Gil Hedley, Pierce Salguero, Saul David Raye and Alastair McLoughlin. LMT WA MA61028887 C-IAYT, MS Kinesiology Cal State Fullerton *McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release (MSTRĀ®) *Art of Bodywork- *Light touch Lymphatics and Vagus Toning * Bowenwork- light touch myofascial release *Influenced by the work of Milton Trager *Traditional Thai Medical Massage "To receive from Lise is to feel integrated as a whole, vibrating being. Alive and connected" JPG "I am not my diagnosis. I'm taller and more graceful. In this moment now" TH Honored to be a part of your health journey. Yoga Therapy- integrating western medical theory with principles from Yoga to improve balance, range of motion, gait, and non medicated pain reduction. I started on this path in 1982 with an attitude of fixing and over the years I have learned that YOU, my dear friend, are the one in control. I am a conduit to aid you in your journey to find ease, peace, joy, balance, strength, freedom and fun!! How may I help you get there today?

Sam Dart
Sam Dart

Hello there! I offer bodywork both on a massage table and on a Thai mat on the floor. I enjoy combining my skills through many types of training and years of experience to find the best style that works with you and your goals. I specialize in: Thai Bodywork Structural Integration Belly/abdominal massage MSTR Scar Tissue work Breast Tissue Care Relaxation Massage See more about my work on my website Book with me here or contact me by phone: 425-802-6651

D.J. DeAustria
D.J. DeAustria

Please email or call to schedule: 971-246-0057 Philosophy of Practice Through the yoga-like movement in Thai Massage, imbalances, inflexibilities, and sticking points become clear. With a mix of Thai, trigger point release, and deep tissue sports massage, I can help you improve flexibility, range of motion, circulation and work out those new or long-standing pain points.