Business: Lisa Widdowson, LMT
Description: This is where serious therapy can be seriously relaxing! Lisa Widdowson is a pain relief specialist as well as a relaxation expert. She creates a therapeutic spa experience where your senses escape to a seashore vacation. More energy and less stress. Done.
Additional Info: The office building is just south of 84th & Harrison Street in LaVista, across the street from Divine Truth and IHOP, up the hill just north of Popeye's Chicken. It has a large oval sign for a dentist. The entrance is secure. Ring the doorbell or text.
Logo: Lisa Widdowson, LMT
Phone: 4029151590
Address: 7200 South 84th Street
Suite 140
La Vista NE 68128
Business Hours: Lisa is not currently working due to Covid-19. When she is able to work again, it is by appointment only and she can arrange to find a time that works best for you.
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