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Description: Prevent, self heal, and maintain balance should be primary goals to health. Come make these reality by booking your massage and taking care of yourself today. Over 10 yrs. experience with certificates for many medical modalities. Live well, Be well.
Additional Info: Located inside Serene Therapies. First time in $50. Pricing is based on frequency after that. $3 per every $100 service fee for cc payment in office. All sales final and non-refundable.
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Phone: 4074564486
Address: 1525 S. Alafaya Tr
Orlando FL 32828
Business Hours: Saturday 9am-4pm Monday 10am-7pm Tuesday 10am-7pm Wednesday 10am Thursday 10am-12pm By appointment only. Hours of availability not always operational. Cancel Policy: same day (<12 hrs)50% charge. NC/NS/Saturdays 100% charge. Each case considered.
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