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Logo: Lion's Touch Massage & Reiki
Phone: 5417538171
Address: 340 SW 2nd Street #4

Corvallis OR 97333
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Leon Dunham, LMT 3961
Leon Dunham, LMT 3961

I hope everyone is taking care of themselves and their loved ones--and I hope that includes massage, both for physical and mental wellbeing. Booking online here is the easiest way to connect with me, but you can always drop me a text or call to 541-753-8171, or email And yes, gift cards are available through my website at I have been a licensed massage therapist in Oregon for over 30 years -- which means I have been exposed to many different kinds of massage, techniques and theories and have melded all that practice and information into the work I do. My work falls under a couple of very broad labels, deep tissue massage, general relaxation & Reiki. Over the years I have found the relationship you have with your therapist is at least as important as the therapist's training and techniques. Check out my website at for more information. I hope to work with you soon!