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Roxy Sunvison
Roxy Sunvison

I grew up in a small town between Austin and SanAntonio Teaxs. My mom was a math teacher and dad was a football coach. This left me with a lot of time spent with my mom who was always very fashionable and was always trying new things with her hair. I spent a lot of time with mom watching and waiting for her to get her hair done. I also liked getting my hair done and she made sure I always had a current style. Growing up there wasn't much fun and individual expression was frowned upon, especially in hair. I always dreamed of getting out of that environment and once I graduated I was outta there. I bounced around Austin and different careers, and eventually ended up in Portland. Being frustrated with the corporate world not being very nice to people and threatening to go do hair for years I was given the opportunity to do so. I strongly believe that ones hair is a very important expression of ones personality and that everyone deserves a comfortable safe place to exist.

Claire Amadea
Claire Amadea