Honeyed Wonder Erotic Arts 

- Wellness Center 

in Poughkeepsie, NY

Description: Honeyed Wonder weaves the wisdom & power of tantric practice with the efficacy of somatic healing, to provide juicy, elevating, gentle, joyful & EFFECTIVE support in powerfully unlocking your deepest pleasure & fullest self, in sex & in all of life.
Additional Info: If you are ready to step deeply into your inner authority & your most loving, blissful & orgasmic self...to experience an abundant, empowered, confident, magnetic, joyful, pleasure-filled & magical life, Honeyed Wonder is here for your embodiment, queen!
Logo: Honeyed Wonder Erotic Arts
Phone: 9258641439
Address: 111 Dream Street

Poughkeepsie NY 12601
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Jeanine Wurzel
Jeanine Wurzel

My name is Jeanine and I am a Sex & Love Goddess💃✨️ It is my deepest, wildest pleasure to be a highly trained guide, mentor, healer and activator on the path of unleashing your most healing, glorious and universe-shifting pleasure, your deepest and most intense orgasm, your most bountiful, love-filled, authentic and sovereign life, your most confident, honest, clear, magnetic, joyful and powerful you, your queen & Goddess self! When we awaken and embody our sexuality, not only do we experience a deep, gorgeous and vibrant reality of decadent pleasure, powerful and elevated healing, and deep loving connection, we also magnetize to us, effortlessly, that which we need and want, in order to be deeply fulfilled, thriving, living in our heaven-on-Earth reality! We find a clear and radiant version of self emerging, the deeper we venture into our own holy sexuality-- we find the self we always knew we were, but that got locked away, more and more as we walked our paths. We encounter a clear, energized, vital and potent, gorgeous and confident, ecstatic and pleasure-filled self: a body, a mind, a heart, a voice, and a life that glow and resound with fulfillment, nourishment, confident possibility and orgasmic, embodied bliss beyond our wildest dreams. "That's not possible for me" is not a thing. We are MADE for this heavenly life, for this amazing bliss, for this sparkling magic and for this epic pleasure. It is there within you, bubbling away, waiting to anoint you and your life with golden honey. I would love love looove to help you access it! Get ready for your breakthrough, queen.