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Description: Langdon Medical is a Shared Care Clinic and a patient-centered medical home that gives you access to all of the health care providers in our office with the goal of optimizing your health.
Additional Info: We are not accepting new patients at this time, we will continue to provide walk-in services as COVID restrictions will allow. On-site Practitioners: Family Practice Physicians Female Physicians Male Physicians Nurse Practioner (limited schedule)
Logo: Langdon Medical
Phone: 4039365990
Address: 203, 97 Centre Street NW

Langdon AB T0J 1X2
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Business Hours: Hours are set by Practitioners and are subject to change without notice. Booking online is available 24/7 for current patients of the clinic.
Payment Types Accepted: Cash, Visa, MasterCard
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Dr. Phumi Khoza
Dr. Phumi Khoza

Dr. Khoza is a South African trained Doctor and has practiced Family Medicine in Drumheller for the past 10years. She is a GP with focused areas of practice in Maternity, Pediatrics, Teenage Health Chronic Conditions and Minor Procedures.

Dr. Alexander Lukubisa
Dr. Alexander Lukubisa

Ugandan born and raised in South Africa, Dr. Lukubisa moved to Canada in 2010. He completed his medical training at the University of the Free State in South Africa where he was taught the bio-psychosocial model of medicine. The biopsychosocial approach is a comprehensive, integrative framework for understanding human development, health, and functioning. It is based on the perspective that “humans are inherently biopsychosocial organisms in which the biological, psychological, and social dimensions are inextricably intertwined”

Nonye Nwachukwu
Nonye Nwachukwu

Nurse Practitioner