La'Sirena Michelle LLC 

- Psychic/Hypnosis/Spirituality 

in medford, OR

Description: I offer these spiritual services to those in need of peace, direction, and channeled messages. The types of readings I offer are Psychic channeling, Aura scanning, Angels/ancestors or connecting with loved ones. Via zoom or Oregon locals.
Additional Info: Please note that I will not tolerate any abuse, disrespect or maltreatment neither will I ever treat a client with any malice, regardless of situations. Respect this or I have the right to terminate a meeting early or cancel any appointment from you.
Logo: La'Sirena Michelle LLC
Phone: 5413274704
Address: 122 E Main st
suite 400-33
medford OR 97501
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Business Hours: TBA
Payment Types Accepted: Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover
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Michelle McCree
Michelle McCree

Hello & congrats on taking your spiritual wellness to the next level and thank you for trusting me with your deep & sensitive spiritual needs. It is my duty to offer these services as a messenger of my higher self & guides. I have been a practicing intuitive for over 10 years now. With a creole, Moors, South African heritage this work is very personal and natural for me. I offer these readings to aid others on their spiritual journey. I am always open to adjusting my style a tad according to the being I am reading for. My main mode is through channeling and feeling but sometimes we can incorporate cards or other mediums. Regardless of where you may know me, welcome. Please note I will not tolerate any abuse or disrespect neither will I inflict it, therefore I have the right to refuse a booking, cancel a service early etc. if the situation were to arise.