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Description: I am a Board-Certified Holistic Health Practitioner with specialization in Quantum Healing, Emotion Code, Body Code, and Belief Code as a certified practitioner in each modality. I help clients release emotional baggage, trauma energies and more!
Additional Info: All times shown on my schedule are Central State Time in the US. All sessions are remote over the phone so you can be in the privacy of your own space. NEW CLIENTS-Please book a consultation before booking a session so we don't take away from your session.
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Delberta Watson
Delberta Watson

Ya'at' eeh! My name is Delberta Watson. I am a Board-Certified Holistic Health Practitioner with a focus in Quantum Healing, Emotion Code. Body Code, and Belief Code modalities as a Certified Practitioner in each. Using various gentle, non-physical, and remote clearing holistic approaches known as "energy healing or energy work" you can experience the energy release of underlying causes such as emotional, mental, spiritual, and energetic imbalances. Our emotional baggage can contribute to many imbalances within our BEing and has a specific vibration that we identify to release. Below are modalities that apply to each session as guided: Quantum Healing: We focus on clearing aspects of consciousness like Inner Child, Ego, Lower Self, and Higer Self. I help with clearing of offensive and negative energies such as spirits/entity attachments, generational energies, and negative cords. A client favorite is when I use auto clear programs to clear various energies with divine help from divine energies such as Source God/Creator, Yeshua, Angels, and others. I also identify and clear trauma energies to help those suffering from trauma from childhood, war, relationships, and other events. Emotion Code: Helps us identify the emotional baggage of energetically trapped emotions to include those that we inherited from our ancestors. The Body Code is built on the Emotion Code, where we identify and release energies that are an underlying cause to some of the discomforts we experience within the physical body, mind, and spirit. The Belief Code is built upon the Emotion Code and Body Code, where we identify negative belief systems that are contributing to the way we think due to various types of negative belief statements. Ready to let go of your emotional baggage and step into wholeness? Book a consultation and let's chat about what session would be best to start with and get you on a road to recovery to a better state of wholeness.