Business: Little House Big Art
Description: It’s a place for color, fun, happiness and creative expression. We are different than other studio because we don't charge monthly or annual studio fees; you only pay for materials you use or for class instruction. It's almost impossible to beat our rates!
Additional Info: Little House is in fact a little house. It is nestled into a neighborhood in Spring Hill on Pittsburgh's North Side. You'll want to park on the side of Haslage Ave. You can spot us with our rustic sign and turquoise stair railing.
Logo: Little House Big Art
Phone: 4124445278
Address: 938 Haslage Ave

Pittsburgh PA 15212
Business Hours: Current hours are by appointment only! We are a very small business and our hours change from time to time, if in doubt check our Facebook, Instagram, or call us at (412) 444-5278.
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