Business: Life Changing Insights: Samantha Hudson Geiger, MA
Description: As a gifted intuitive, Samantha Hudson Geiger, MA is a well educated, master teacher & alternative therapist that blends pioneering & mainstream sciences with your personal belief system to help you TRANSFORM your life to attract only joyful experiences.
Additional Info: BETTER THAN TRADITIONAL THERAPY, her sessions are unique in that they genuinely help her clients to heal disease, relationships & destructive beliefs very quickly without all of the repetitive, often painful, dialogue evoked by traditional therapists.
Logo: Life Changing Insights: Samantha Hudson Geiger, MA
Phone: 5126943333
401-B Vernon Street
Roseville CA 95678
Business Hours: By appointment only: Mon-Fri: 1-7pm FREE QUANTUM CONSCIOUSNESS SEMINAR to Understand Methodology. Fits all belief systems! Every 1st Wednesday 6:30pm WORKSHOPS listed at.... Join
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