Business: CoachingInc. Multi Services
Description: Lakeisha C. Muhammad is your empowerment coach who is here to rock with you in 2022! She is more than a multi-purposed coach who works with women in areas of self-love, self-care, spiritual wellness, divine embodiment, and sexual empowerment.
Additional Info: All clients are provided with online services and conference calls. There is no limitation of location, all you need is access to wifi smartphone computer or other devices. Payments are received cashpp, Paypal, and Venmo with a receipt for clients record
Logo: CoachingInc. Multi Services
Phone: 7817338159
Address: Virtue Services

Online MA 02184
Business Hours: I can work with clients around their schedules but it has to be scheduled accordingly. My hours are flexible unless I am vacationing or taking personal time off, and I give a week's notice of my unavailability.
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