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in Portland, OR

Description: I have been doing acupuncture for 25 years and the last several years have integrated Biofield tuning into my work. Working in the subtle fields around the body and is profoundly transformational. https://www.biofieldacupuncture.com/
Additional Info: I have 2 locations. One is in north Portland in Oregon (april-november) and the other in Ajijic, Mexico . Biofield tuning is effective long distance and clients that have received both describe it as 95 percent the same long distance.
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Address: 6925 Ne mallory ave 97211

Portland OR 97214
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Website: http://transformationalacupuncture.org
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Katya Ivana Tripp
Katya  Ivana Tripp

Acupuncturist for 25 years Biofield tuner https://www.biofieldacupuncture.com/