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Description: Hello QUEENS, I am a Baton Rouge Braider, my business is specific to scalp braid styles! Even though, I also provide knotless braid services. For inquiries on any braid styles not listed contact me via DM or TEXT MESSAGE. AGES [5+].
Additional Info: You may NOT book via DMorTEXT. All bookings must be done through schedulicity. A NONREFUNDABLE deposit will be deducted at checkout. Please read all POLICIES & ADDITIONAL INFO *BEFORE* booking your appointment. Feel free to ask ANY questions! THANK YOU!
Logo: Majestic Braids
Phone: 2253687784
Address: Florida Blvd

Baton Rouge LA 70802
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Business Hours: Monday-Friday 7am-8pm
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Kelly Heard
Kelly Heard

Kelly Heard, your BR BRAIDER!