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Description: I am trained in EFT Tapping, Somatic Experiencing, NLP and Hypnotherapy. I have been running my private practice for 13 years now. I specialize in blending Tapping with somatic awareness to help my clients recover from the effects of trauma and PTSD.
Additional Info: For support and inspiration online: You can read my blog by visiting: https://www.karenortner.com/blog You can follow me on Facebook by searching Karen Ortner - Healing Trauma. You can find me on Instagram by searching for Karen Ortner.
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Phone: 2032408740
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Newtown CT 06482
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Business Hours: 9:30am to 3pm - Monday to Thursday
Website: http://www.KarenOrtner.com
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Karen Ortner
Karen Ortner

Karen is an EFT Tapping Expert, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and Coach who specializes in Trauma Healing. She enjoyed a career in movies until her mother died of lung and brain cancer in 2005, radically transforming the direction of her life. Triggered by her loss, long-repressed memories of childhood sexual abuse and trauma surfaced and healing began. At that time, Karen re-trained in various mind-body modalities including EFT Tapping, Somatic Experiencing, NLP, hypnotherapy, reiki and energy healing. She began her private practice in 2007. Today, Karen combines these tools to guide her clients towards feeling more whole and healed. Treating not only the emotional and psychological aspects of trauma, but also the physical manifestations of it. Karen shares from the heart about her own experiences as a survivor of sexual abuse and trauma. Having gone to the darkest of places, Karen shares her story, her struggles and her survival to help her clients and her community see that there is hope and healing is possible.