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in Coeur d Alene, ID

Description: Improve your mobility, obtain a Personal Record, or just elongate your muscles to feel the best you can feel. Ashiatsu Deepfeet Massage is a luxurious, deep tissue massage which will help to stretch your body from head to toe.
Additional Info: I have a Therapy Dog onsite. Please contact me if you are allergic, or have any issues with animals.
Logo: Sole to Soul
Phone: 2086608031
Address: 5815 N. Stafford Rd.

Coeur d Alene ID 83815
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Business Hours: I do not work weekends. No same day appointments. Look in Schedulicity or call 208-660-8031.
Payment Types Accepted: Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, Amex
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Sole to Soul Ashiatsu Deepfeet Massage
Sole to Soul Ashiatsu Deepfeet Massage

Ashiatsu is a luxurious, Deep tissue Massage. This type of massage and cupping are the services I offer. What brings me the most joy as a Therapist is listening to a client say, “I put my socks on without any pain” or “I had a PR on my bike today after treatment “ or when a client has had a bad day and Indy (Therapy Dog) makes them smile. What a wonderful occupation to make humans feel human again!! I hope I can help prevent injuries, increase mobility, and spread some joy in your life! Kristin, CMT