Business: HAIR VIBES - kalianne : Luxe Salon
Description: By appointment only: Independent stylist located within Luxe Salon. Aveda Minneapolis graduate with 13+ years experience. Specialize in All-Nutrient hair color, with consistent & continued education. Love what I do!!
Additional Info: I AM NOT TAKING NEW CLIENTS AT THIS TIME. Due to limited availability with the current (hopefully temporary) restrictions of Covid-19, I would like to reserve appointment availability to existing clients. Thank you for understanding.
Logo: HAIR VIBES - kalianne : Luxe Salon
Phone: 7158925254
Address: 10925 Highway 70 East

Arbor Vitae WI 54568
Business Hours: Monday: 12:00-7:00 Tuesday: 7:00-5:00 Wednesday: 7:00-5:00 Thursday: 7:00-5:00 Friday: 9:00-5:00 Monday: OFF Tuesday:8:30-2:30 Wednesday: OFF Thursday: 8:30-2:30 Friday: OFF
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