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Description: I am a holistic health practitioner that offers individual wellness services, as well as plans that incorporate my practices to create a unique wellness journey for each individual. I am client centered in my practice, helping them to achieve their goals.
Additional Info: For in home services please call or email me to book. To shop my apothecary products visit: www.katalystholisticarts.com/shop
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Business Hours: Sun: 11am-5pm Mon: 9am-5pm Tues: Closed Wed: 9am-5pm Thurs: 1pm-6pm Fri: 9am-9pm Sat: Closed For in home services please call or email me to book.
Website: http://www.katalystholisticarts.com
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Kat Stephens
Kat Stephens

I was born and raised here in Bozeman with a long family history in Montana. After years of traveling I found my love for holistic medicine and wanted to offer that into my community. I find nature and traditional medicine to be one of the most potent healing tools. I was first introduced to the subtle healing realms of energy medicine after receiving my first Reiki attunement. From there I came to revere the energy in everything. Our food, the plants, our thoughts and words, and the systems engrained in our bodies. My main areas of interest became nutrition, herbalism, spiritual guidance, yoga therapy, and massage. I deemed it most important in my practice that I had tools to address all areas of my clients needs, especially in helping them find a spiritual connection with themselves and the planet. I opened my own practice in 2019. Since then I've become a mother. I love exploring all the beautiful places that Montana and the world has to offer. I have a passion for knowledge and travel. My hobbies include yoga, hiking, educational pursuits in holistic health, performing arts, and raising my 2 children.