Business: Khouri Chiropractic & Health Solutions - Mt. Pleasant
Description: Chiropractic adjustments free the nervous system of pressure and interference (subluxations), as well as enables the body to function to its fullest potential by restoring proper joint and body mechanics. This can relieve symptoms and pain.
Additional Info: 122 Coleman Blvd. is a white brick office building. To find the office, you will walk through the lobby door and take a right down the hallway. It is the first door in the first hallway on the left. If the door is closed, then wait in the lobby.
Logo: Khouri Chiropractic & Health Solutions - Mt. Pleasant
Phone: 8438532225
Address: 222 Coleman Blvd
Mt. Pleasant SC 29464
Business Hours: Tuesday & Thursday, 1:00pm - 2:30pm
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