Business: Khouri Chiropractic & Health Solutions - Downtown
Description: Chiropractic adjustments enable the body to function to its fullest potential by restoring proper joint and muscle mechanics to relieve painful symptoms and joint dysfunction.
Additional Info: We are located in the building of 149 East Bay street (Miller Gallery). Our entrance is down the alley way at 1 Unity Alley. Parking is either on the street or in the parking garage located on Middle Atlantic Wharf, a cobblestone paved street.
Logo: Khouri Chiropractic & Health Solutions - Downtown
Phone: 8438532225
Address: 1 Unity Alley

Charleston SC 29401
Business Hours: Monday & Wednesday 9am - 6pm Tuesday & Thursday 9am - 5pm Friday 9am - 2pm Saturday 9am - 2pm
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