Business: Jun Kuribayashi
Description: I offer bodywork sessions for people in need of overall body maintenance. I also offer private & semi-private movement coaching sessions for dancers, acrobats, gymnasts, and martial artists.
Additional Info: You'll want to park at the Bank of America parking lot and walk towards the front entrance of Cafe Nation. Walk through the double doors and walk towards the end of the hallway where you'll take a right. Go up the stairs and the studio is to the right.
Logo: Jun Kuribayashi
Phone: 7853933533
Address: 26 Eliot street

Natick MA 02135
Business Hours: Monday: 2-6pm Friday: 2-6pm Saturday: 12-6pm (Artango studio) and 12-6pm (House Calls) Sunday: 12-6pm (Artango studio)
Special Offers