Business: JW Hitting
Description: JW Hitting: Lessons by Jim Werdell and Staff, over 20 years of combined hitting and coaching experience. Staff includes 6 other instructors, all previous students and players using their high school and college experiences to help develop our young hitters
Additional Info: Classes Available: In Person Tee Classes, Front Toss Sessions, Day sessions in the summer, team sessions, Slapping, and free virtual sessions on our Twitch page.
Logo: JW Hitting
Phone: 9412326039
Address: Pendleton Sports Complex
633 Falls Park Dr
Pendleton IN 46064
Business Hours: Mailing Address - 631 S Broadway Pendleton, IN 46064 (not the facility address). Open Monday thru Thursday 4-10 (last appointment starts at 9:15). Open Weekends November thru March 11-6, or by appointment
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