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Description: We empower our clients to clear their hidden fears & blocks to love, abundance, success, joy, peace & fulfillment. Life is one big dream, we wrote, to teach ourselves how to wake up. Are you ready to wake up and live your highest potential ?
Additional Info: What if there was an entire blueprint for your life, that your Soul wrote... would you want to know about it ? If you are ready to discover the deepest truths to your life, and reveal your greatest life's purpose, book a session today!
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Business Hours: 9 am-7 pm EST Monday-Friday Uncover Your Divine Life Purpose Mission. Release all subconscious blocks & beliefs that interfere with manifesting your vision of heaven on earth. It's time to reclaim your power, get on your mission & share your medicine!
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Yosefahniel Tarkcah
Yosefahniel Tarkcah

Yosef Tarkcah is a Galactic Shaman. What is that, you may wonder ? This is a spiritual facilitator that utilizes ancient, modern and galactic spiritual technologies for accelerating consciousness for spiritual seekers, healers, facilitators, parents and/or those navigating challenging life transitions. (divorce, health crisis, spiritual awakening, identity crisis, stuck in depression, loss of a loved one, sexual or other major traumas, etc). Yosef, has 25 years of empowering thousands of clients to learn to listen to, trust and act from their Heart & Soul. He catalyzes light workers, spiritual based entrepreneurs, and every day people to cultivate their very own special brand of medicine to empower the world. (* medicine = integrated life wisdom) He's known for his unique coaching, guidance & presentation style, humor, warmth and ability to share radical insights on Sacred Relationships, Soul Contracts, Human Design, Self-Realization, Healing Trauma, Channeling your Higher Self & Guides, Psychic Development and how to Manifest your Divine Purpose Mission. Manifesting your mission & expressing the Soul that you are, is the key to your awakening process, which leads to your Ascension. He's a New York Times best-selling author, co-authoring a book with Zig Ziglar, Donald Trump, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, and many others. Yosef works alongside his beloved wife Mary Kathorun, of 26 years and together they are a powerful dynamic duo of uncovering spiritual solutions and deep insights to solve every day problems, in all life areas. Mary & Yosef facilitate shamanic readings & healings together as a couple, and have worked with many leaders, celebrities and thousands of clients worldwide, spanning from children 8 years old, all the way up to 92. When you are ready to see your life from "The Meta View" and naturally experience rapid transformation- in life & business - book a session!

Mary Kathorun
Mary Kathorun

Mary is a Vedic Astrologer and Naturopathic Practitioner, teaching clients how to align with and embody their divine purpose mission as well as how to implement natural & alternative health approaches. She also has 20+ years as a Psychic, Medium, Spiritual Alchemist, Life Coach, and Energy Healing Practitioner/Teacher. Mary KaThorun is also trained in Tarot Reading, Voice Analysis, and Medical Astrology. This gives her the ability to empower her clients with specific insights, divine messages, chants, music, and tones to re-tune their voice and consciousness back to wholeness. She's experienced many spiritual initiations and rites of passage, in traveling the world. She has been on Goddess Journeys, Mary Magdalene Pilgrimages, and visited many sacred sites where she has received DNA activations that allow her to initiate others in rites of passage ceremonial work. Mary has lead women empowerment circles, through belly dance, energy healing, and middle-eastern dance to students that are ready and willing to embody the power of their divine feminine essence. She is a devoted mother of two young adults, 21 year old son and a 23 year old daughter. When asked of her greatest accomplishment, she often remarks... "It's raising two loving kids with great characters, that lead with their heart to make a difference in the world." What is unique about Mary Kathorun, as an Integrated Spiritual Teacher/Facilitator, is her ability to distill deep ancient knowledge and wisdom into down to earth, fun & simple practices and stories that can be easily implemented into your everyday life.

Mary & Yosef
Mary & Yosef

The Mystic Rising Academy founders; Mary & Yosef, will utilize their ESP skills (Extra Sensory Perceptions) and 50+ Occult Wisdom Systems to hold a highly conscious sacred space for you. This will be combined with your desire to seek the highest level of truth about yourself, your relationships, your purpose, your path, and your life situations. This enables your conscious awareness to ELEVATE to that of your Soul's Perspective, during each session. (The Meta View) "We've been empowering our 2 children now for 22 years, while building and maintaining a Transformational Coaching, Healing and Empowerment Company. Balancing and growing an intimate relationship, conscious parenting, and enlightened entrepreneurship for over two decades has allowed us to integrate deep spiritual wisdom into our every day lives. We seek to empower all those seeking their authentic life path, to live their highest expression, and find balance, grace and ease in navigating the manifestation of their divine purpose mission." ~ Mary & Yosef When you are ready to see your life, from "The Meta View" and quantum leap your results - in life, intimacy, health & wealth - book a session!