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Description: Weight Loss, Aesthetics, Body Contouring and Facial Blasting. We want to help you live the best version of yourself - we can address diet and heal you from the inside out, and address inflammation, pain, and beauty requirements from the outside in.
Additional Info: Please park behind the building in the parking lot and ring the upper doorbell. We will buzz you in. You can proceed up the stairs to the 2nd floor, or use the elevator which is just beyond the staircase.
Logo: Ideal Weight Loss & Aesthetics
Phone: 4255228042
Address: 610 Beach Ave
Ste 3
Marysville WA 98270
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Business Hours: By Appointment Only
Payment Types Accepted: Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover
Special Offers

Tammy Benner
Tammy Benner

Tammy is the CEO and a Health Coach for Ideal Weight Loss Center of Everett. Tammy lost over 70lbs on the Ideal Protein program.

Debbie Overholt
Debbie Overholt

Desiree is an inspiration to her clients and loves to help them get to their goal weight. More importantly is her commitment to overall health and wellness. While Desiree has lost 35 pounds with Ideal Protein, her unique situation is that she has an auto-immune disease along with fibromyalgia. She has utilized the Ideal Protein Protocol to help mitigate symptoms, and has greatly improved her daily quality of life and pain levels. She has passion sharing Ideal Protein's philosophy that "Food is Medicine, Weight Loss is Healthcare."

Tiffany P
Tiffany P

Tiffany is a Master Aesthetician that had made a name for herself with their facials. They are experts in skin conditions, and can help with acne, hyper-pigmentation, and anti-aging. We love having Tiffany on staff because she understands the importance of diet and having great skin. Tiffany is also well versed in lymphatic drain massage, so she can help with sinus issues and address the detox issues that come with ketogenic weight loss.

Claire Kriofske
Claire Kriofske

In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer. ― Albert Camus Hi, I’m Claire, an Integrative Health & Wellbeing coach with hands-on practice since 2005. At its heart, coaching is a relationship to encourage your growth, clarity, and wellbeing. I work with people experiencing stressors including anxiety, grief, emotional eating, overwhelm, and isolation. I’m a trauma-informed coach, too, utilizing somatic (soma - body), breath and grounding practices. In working together, we can touch on past trauma for better understanding emotional triggers that surface in the present, (and are often rooted in the past). Coaching and therapy can overlap, although coaches do not assess, diagnose or treat mental health conditions. We start in the present and work to what’s possible! Modalities of care include Gabor Mate’s Compassionate Inquiry, guided experiencing and grounding practices, breath work, mindfulness, and Self-Compassion to connect back to self and others. I work 1:1 and in groups to invite movement or stillness and encourage clients to tap into their sense of humor and knowing, self-expression or play, to experience shifts towards full-hearted connection and joy. If you’re ready to disrupt the status quo, shake off the dust and rediscover your invincible summer within, the world needs you! Let’s keep exploring together. I invite you to schedule a Discovery call with me. From present to possible. Education, training, experience: Master of Science in Health in Promotion, College of Education, University of North Texas. Minor: Exercise Physiology •N.B.C.H.W.C, National Board For Health & Wellness Coaching, Credential ID A-3052368 •Wellcoaches Professional Health & Wellbeing Coach: Credential ID 243042 •Student in the Compassionate Inquiry (CI) 240-hour advanced training program for healthcare professionals toward Practitioner certification (Sept 2022 cohort), a modality of trauma-informed care with a focus on somatic experiencing,