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Sophia Murphy
Sophia Murphy

Imperium Stretch & Recovery - Certified Frederick Stretch Therapy Specialist (Previously known as Fascial Stretch Therapy) - Through the Stretch To Win Institute. Stop Chasing Pain Lymphatic Drainage Technique After 20+ years as a ballet and modern dancer, Sophia suffered from chronic pain and numbing in her hip and low back. As a dance major in college, Sophia pursued anything and everything that would help decrease her pain so she could continue dancing. After college, she immersed herself in the fitness and wellness industry where she was introduced to FST by a colleague. It was then that her life and pain was changed. For the first time in over a decade, Sophia was pain free from one 60 minute stretch. It was clear to her from that moment that she needed to learn more about FST and share it with as many people as possible. In September of 2019, Sophia flew to Arizona to begin her schooling to become a Fascial Stretch Specialist. She opened Imperium Stretch & Recovery that same month and got to work as she continued her studies. Since 2019, Sophia has completed 4 certifications through the Stretch To Win Institute in Arizona, as well as adding several Stop Chasing Pain certificates to her tool box to help better meet her clients unique needs. These certificates include, Lymph Mojo, Vagus Nerve Mojo, and Tongue Mojo. Sophia has hopes to continue adding more skills to her toolbox in the new year.

Jennifer Cook
Jennifer Cook

After 23 years in the industry as an Occupational Therapist at a skilled nursing facility in Lynchburg, Jennifer decided to make a change. She had heard about Fascial Stretch Therapy and the similarities of one of her specialities, John Barnes Myofacial Release Therapy, and was intrigued. After researching more about FST, Jennifer found Sophia Murphy, Owner and Operator of Imperium Stretch & Recovery. Sophia and Jennifer hit it off, and began discussing Jennifers desire to add another trade to her skillset. After going to Stretch To Win in Canada in July of 2023, Jennifer joined the ISR team. Jennifer is now taking clients at Imperium Monday-Thursday while also continuing her schooling to specialize in Lymphatic Drainage techniques as well as leveling up in FST in the coming year. We are so excited for you to experience all that Jennifer has to offer as she fuses every thing she knows from her 23 years in the field and creates an absolute magic session that is individualized for each and every clients needs.

Luis Luna
Luis Luna

Movement has played a central role in Luis Luna’s life—from childhood games outdoors to organized sports, and later as a vital means for stress relief and personal therapy. Growing up, Luis realized the profound impact of physical activity not only on physical wellness but also on mental health. This understanding sparked his passion for promoting lifelong movement and helping others achieve their health and wellness goals. Luis pursued his passion academically and professionally, graduating from Penn State Hazleton as a Physical Therapy Assistant. His education equipped him with a deep understanding of human physiology and the mechanics of the body. Through his studies, Luis mastered various modalities and therapeutic techniques, gaining a comprehensive toolkit to aid in both rehabilitation and injury prevention. Despite his proficiency in traditional physical therapy, Luis felt a calling to expand his approach to include preventative care. This pursuit led him to discover Fascia Stretch Therapy (FST). Intrigued by the substantial benefits of FST, Luis became a certified practitioner, driven by his belief in the power of preventative wellness. FST’s focus on improving joint mobility, reducing pain, and optimizing natural body movements resonated deeply with his philosophy of sustaining lifelong movement. Today, as a committed Fascia Stretch Therapist, Luis is dedicated to empowering individuals to maintain and enhance their mobility. His approach goes beyond addressing immediate ailments, focusing on equipping clients with the knowledge and techniques to sustain their health and vitality long-term. Luis is thrilled to bring his expertise to Imperium Stretch & Recovery, where he looks forward to supporting clients in their journey toward a healthier, more active lifestyle, ensuring they continue to move and thrive at every stage of life.