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Description: Therapeutic massage and bodywork services, specializing in "all-tissue" and Thai Yoga massage. Complimentary CBD, steamed herbal compresses, and silicone cupping as needed. Visit hannahshealingarts.com to reserve your session.
Additional Info: Hannah's home office is now located at Kent Place Residences, off University & Hampden. You will be contacted with parking info and apartment number.
Logo: Hannah's Healing Arts
Phone: 7204773322
Address: 3465 S Gaylord Court
Kent Place Residences
Englewood CO 80113
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Business Hours: Reserve your healing massage session at hannahshealingarts.com.
Website: http://hannahshealingarts.com
Payment Types Accepted: Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover
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Hannah Adkins, LMT brings 10 years of experience in massage and bodywork modalities with a trauma-informed approach. She is a South Carolina sweetheart who strives to help others heal - both physically and emotionally. In her time as a licensed massage therapist, she has honed the craft of bodywork through continuing education, served as an educator, and leads wellness workshops in corporate and studio settings. Sessions with Hannah are issue-specific, client-focused, and intermingled with a high level of ambiance. Clients will experience change in their bodies with a balanced blend of therapy and relaxation. Experience and Education: Master's of Social Work (2019-2021) B.S. Experimental Psychology (2014) Denver Integrative Massage School (2014) Thai Massage Circus - Luangprabang, Laos (2015) Trauma Touch Therapy - Colorado School of Healing Arts (2016) Hatha Yoga (2014) Modern Cupping Advanced Deep Tissue- Ben Benjamin Institute (2016) Craniosacral Therapy-Upledger Institute Injury-Specific Lymphatic Drainage