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Description: hummingbirdYOGA & wellness is a small down to earth yoga, barre and wellness studio. We believe that yoga is for everyone. Every "body" has a different way of moving and we encourage you to be mindful, compassionate and creative as you.
Additional Info: The studio has two reserved parking stalls. If these stalls are taken, please park on the right side of the building or on the street.
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I believe in the healing power of yoga. Suffering from anxiety and depression along with losing my mom to cancer, the mindfulness aspect of yoga became the most important to my growth. For me, yoga started as a physical practice with the hope to find a way to calm my emotions. My practice quickly became more than just physical fitness. It became more about developing an inner connection to find peace and joy. I truly believe that we all have endless potential and yoga goes beyond the physical. it helps to heal, balance and grow our lives in every moment. In 2020 I had the opportunity to take my 200 hour teacher training and joined initially out of personal interest, but by the end of the first month, I knew I had to teach and share this amazing practice with others. I have since received my 300 hour certification as well as have additional trainings in Yin, Chair, Trauma, and kids yoga along with a certification in Barre. In my classes, you’ll find a supportive space to explore your mind and body, deepen your practice, and have fun. My goal is to create a space that allows each student to discover the power of their true selves.


I believe we are more than our thoughts, experiences and emotions. Yoga helps us move beyond what may seem like limitations. Or our limiting beliefs surrounding them. To find a connection to our true selves; the true nature of our being. Yoga came into my life at a time I was really struggling, what felt like true rock bottom or a dark night of the soul as they say. My lifelong struggle with mental health, specifically anxiety, depression and debilitating panic attacks, felt like something I would never be able to work through. Like I would be stuck with it forever and nothing could help. The amount of healing I was able to obtain from Yoga and its practices was so invaluable, and like nothing I had ever experienced before. Eventually, it inspired me to want to teach and hold space for others experiencing similar challenges. Which in time, my passion for the practices has evolved into many different forms of teaching and for different kinds of students. The yoga I love most are interoceptive and slower practices such as Yin, Restorative and Nidra as they have been so supportive for regulating my nervous system and in recovering from my personal trauma’s. A lot of what I love about these practices is the empowerment we can obtain from self exploration and healing. Since the birth of my first baby last July, I have grown extremely passionate about Pre, Peri and Post Natal yoga practices as well as Baby and Me and Children’s Yoga. Supporting parents and their sweet babes on their journey in life feels so fulfilling! My mission is to offer inclusive and encouraging spaces for exploration and self-study, incorporating inner awareness practices, breath work and gentle movement. My work is inspired and guided by the ancient tradition of yoga and supported by modern science. I am a 500 RYT from Prana Yoga and C-IAYT Yoga Therapist from Ajna Yoga in Victoria. -True healing comes from the self and a good yoga facilitator is just holding space. I used to think it was the


I believe yoga could be embraced by everyone. My yoga journey has spanned 15 years and I have been so fortunate to have practiced with many amazing teachers. I decided in 2022 that I wanted to expand my practice and love of yoga by completing my 200 hour teacher training. Since then, I continue taking additional training and workshops as I work towards my 300 hour certification. My focus has been on nourishing yoga practices including Restorative and Yin. I am also certified in teaching Healthy Aging Yoga including Seniors & Chair and Yoga for Kids. Yoga can be playful and nourishing at any age! I would like to invite all people, especially those who do not see themselves as ‘yogis’ or think yoga ‘is for them’, to discover this beautiful practice of movement, breath and mindfulness. My approach is light and welcoming, safe and inclusive. Teaching children through joyful movement and play can inspire a lifelong practice. Starting a yoga practice in the mature years can awaken and nourish one’s body. Discovering yoga at any age can enhance life


Yoga is more than a physical practice, it is a lifestyle. I discovered yoga in May of 2023 when I reconnected with an old friend who was well into her practice at the time. She explained how she was going to Rishikesh, India to study Akhanda yoga in September. I decided a month before she left to come along with her, and the trip started that changed my life. India helped me discover what my life’s true purpose is, to help heal people and their relationship to spirituality. My dream is to move back to India and build my own spiritual retreat center and eventually write a book about my crazy experiences since awakening. In My Akhanda yoga classes you can always expect asana (movement), mantra (chanting/sound), pranayama (breathing techniques), meditation, and yogic wisdom (philosophy). Come to my classes to experience a great balance of workout and spiritual healing!