Healing Pointe, LLC 

- Wellness Center 

in Bountiful, UT

Description: I offer a variety of services including Massage, Breath Work, Energy Work, Cognitive Reprogramming, and Laser Treatments. Sessions are tailored to the individual and intuitively guided. Gift certificates availble. Please call or email to purchase.
Additional Info: Clients should be adequately hydrated, and I recommend not eating 1 hour before your scheduled appointment. If any other specific instructions or forms are needed, they will be sent out 24 hours in advance. I look forward to healing with you soon.
Logo: Healing Pointe, LLC
Phone: 8016636410
Address: 66 West Center Street

Bountiful UT 84010
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Business Hours: Hours may vary from week to week. If you don't see an appointment that will work for you please call or text me so we can find something that works for you.
Website: https://www.healingpointetherapy.com/
Payment Types Accepted: Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover
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I believe that everyone has a spark of genius and healing energy within them. That spark is the source of all healing, joy, love, peace, success and growth. When that spark is ignited, it empowers the soul to remember our true essence and awakens the endless possibilities to become our highest and best self. My passion is utilizing my gifts and knowlege to help all beings ignite that spark within themselves and assisting them on their healing journey.