Business: Maureen Boylan, DC at Hands of Light Energy
Description: Dr. Maureen Boylan is a certified Integrative Quantum Medicine (IQM) Energist and Teacher, and a retired chiropractic physician (1988 to 2020). She provides IQM Healing sessions remotely by phone/video call and teaches IQM workshops on Zoom.
Additional Info: FOR CUSTOM ORTHOTICS: Schedule an ORTHOTIC FITTING with Dr. Boylan. Dr. B is retired from practice (2020) and is no longer scheduling chiropractic appointments. Please call to schedule chiropractic care with: Dr. Jessica Kowalski (513)321-8484
Logo: Maureen Boylan, DC at Hands of Light Energy
Phone: 5132261113
Address: All IQM Energy appointments are done by phone or video call.
Orthotic Fittings are done in person. Once you schedule, Dr. B will contact you with her address in
Cincinnati OH 45230
Business Hours: Office Hours are by Appointment. Making scheduling changes at least 24 hours in advance allows me to release the appointment to another patient. Your appointment fee will be charged for no shows and appointment cancellations without 24 hours' notice.
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