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Description: Bob Ross often referred to himself jokingly as a “lazy painter.” He liked finding ways of making painting easy. His work & legacy have shown millions the joy of painting. You too can be a Lazy Painter and achieve amazing results ~ I know you can!
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Mathew Halstead
Mathew Halstead

Mathew Halstead is a lifelong artist and has been a teacher for over 20 years. His passions for art and teaching have come together through leading Bob Ross painting classes and in his position as an art teacher at Dunbar High School. His love of art begin as a child and by fourth grade, his parents had him in private painting lessons. Growing up, he watched enthralled as Bob Ross worked his magic on TV. After years of painting, sculpting, jewelry making, leather work, digital art and various mixed media art, he found himself drawn to old episodes of Bob Ross as a way to relax. One day something clicked. As Bob created shape and texture with a pallet knife, Mathew realized he wanted to do more than watch. And so began his quest to learn how to paint in the style of Bob Ross. From a modest starter paint set, to private lessons, to finally training at Bob's original studio in New Smyrna Beach, he progressed from student to teacher. After a lifetime of artistic endeavors and nearly a lifetime of teaching, Matt firmly believes that you too can paint like Bob Ross.