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in Berkeley, CA

Description: The Holistic Honu Wellness Center was incorporated on Nov 24, 2004 in California and officially gained 501(c)(3) status in Feb 2006. As a non-profit healing center, our mission is to uphold and promote Native culture through education and healing practices
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Logo: Holistic Honu Wellness Center
Phone: 9164160491
Address: 1611 San Pablo Avenue, Suite 1

Berkeley CA 94702
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Business Hours: We make every effort to be available 7days a week between 10am and 8pm Classes: As per schedule Additional class times are available by appointment only. Level One is available as a distance education program. Message us for details.
Website: http://holistichonu.com
Payment Types Accepted: Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard
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Suzi Ko
Suzi Ko

Suzi is an accomplished individual who holds multiple roles at the Holistic Honu Wellness Center. As the Executive Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors, she plays a crucial leadership role in the organization. Additionally, Suzi is the lead instructor for various programs offered at the center, including Lomilomi, Level One, Level Two, Canine Services, Hydrotherapy Services, and Palliative Care. Suzi's dedication to her Native Hawaiian heritage is evident in her work as a traditional Native Hawaiian healer and practitioner. Following in the footsteps of her grandfather, she underwent the tradition of ʻūniki as Kumu Lomilomi in 2004 and Kumu Hoʻōla in 2010. In terms of qualifications, Suzi is a National Board Certified and licensed California Massage Therapist. She also holds certificates as a California Certified private postsecondary school Native Hawaiian Healing Arts Instructor and an NCBTMB Board Approved Provider. Suzi's expertise extends beyond her roles at the Holistic Honu Wellness Center. She actively contributes to the field of healthcare as a Section Counselor of the American Public Health Association (APHA) Integrative, Complementary and Traditional Health Practices Section. In addition, she previously served as the Chair-Elect of the APHA American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian Caucus. Overall, Suzi's vast experience and qualifications make her an invaluable asset to both the Holistic Honu Wellness Center and the larger healthcare community.

Dalani Tanahy
Dalani Tanahy

Dalani Tanahy is a 20-year practitioner of the art of Hawaiian kapa or bark cloth making. She is incredibly knowledgeable in the history of kapa and tapa; the how-to's on caring for or identifying kapa and tapa cloth, where to take classes or how to order kapa. For up to the moment news and pictures of new works and projects, please visit and like her facebook page at Kapa Hawaii, LLC. or her website at kapahawaii.com We are blessed and honored to be able to sponsor Kumu Dalani as a master instructor at the Holistic Honu Wellness Center.

Michael MacDougall
Michael MacDougall

Michael is the Kumu Hula of Pa Hula Maikikalikolaua‘eokalani and the Assistant Director of the Holistic Honu Wellness Center specializing in events, logistics, catering and nutrition/food science. He has taught throughout the continental US and Hawaii.