Business: Haircraft by Jo
Description: • Holistic + eco conscious curly hair sculptor • Curlcraft™ cutting method creator • Intuitive + creative hair cutting • Shag haircuts • Razor cuts • Curly wavy natural texture specialist + educator • Sustainable productshonoring your health + our planet
Additional Info: My book is only open 8 weeks out, if there's no availablity, check back Wed- Fri after 11AM. Cancellations posted to Instagram stories. Please provide 36 hrs notice on cancellations to avoid charges, and don't forget to allow time for parking.
Logo: Haircraft by Jo
Phone: 9713509878
Address: 1626 SE Bybee Blvd

Portland OR 97202
Business Hours: Wed 11-6 Thurs 11-6 Fri 11-5
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