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Description: "Unlocking the Power of Transformation: Are you ready to shift old stories, break free from limiting patterns, and embrace new growth in your life? Look no further; I offer a range of services designed to empower your journey of personal development.
Additional Info: Zoom sessions in the comfort of your own dwelling, less travel, session recorded for you to view, & even more powerful than in person. 30 years, 20 certificates. It's time to call & start your transformation. Diane is the one that will ignite the new you
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Diane Gysin
Diane Gysin

In the realm of uncertainty, purpose is found. Coaching is integral in helping people grow into the best version of themselves, and no one knows this better than gifted and well-seasoned life coach Diane Gysin. An acclaimed Reiki Grandmaster and Hypnotherapist with over 18 certificates, Diane has transformed the lives of countless individuals for nearly three decades with her eclectic and immaculate coaching modalities for healing the body and mind. Her two near death experiences at an adolescent age opened her to the attunement of other dimensions and the energy that surrounds everyone. Wanting further clarity of this energy, she took a Reiki course in 1992 and its effects were profoundly powerful that she incorporated it in her life, going as far as teaching her two daughters to both be practitioners by the age of 5. Her many years of studies and practicing Reiki earned her the title of Reiki Grandmaster, leading her to the art of massage and Pranic Healing. Diane has the uncanny ability to see, hear, and feel the energy of individuals because she lives in the space of energy, allowing her to focus on any area in need of healing from a past life or current one. Her understanding of the modern world and dedication to ongoing and advanced studies propels her to be of service to anyone. If you are ready to move forward from living the poisonous past of old stories and into the gifted present of new stories, Diane will empower you to get from where you are to where you want to be by showing you how to "shift the language to show up stronger, which are keys to change."