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Logo: Heart and Soul Kailua, LLC             (Licensed Massage Therapist)
Phone: 8082949052
Address: 407 Uluniu Street
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Business Hours: Monday to Sunday 9:00 am to 9:00pn
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Kaipo Dudoit
Kaipo Dudoit

Kaipo’s journey in healing began at a young age, attending to his grandmother during her last days with cancer. Kaipo then focused his academics towards health and well-being, graduating from the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, double majoring in Psychology and Hawaiian Studies with the focus in Aloha ʻĀina. Through the many mentors that have shown light on this path, Kaipo was then shown the healing art of massage therapy. Kaipoʻs foundation in massage began at HHAC, graduating in 2018. His lomilomi mentors include Dr. Kaliko Chang and Leinaʻala Bright. Kaipo has been working as a Lomilomi Kākoʻo at Waimānalo Health Center since 2019. Kaipoʻs focus in his work is to bring the mind, the body, and the spirit into alignment through the creation of a healing space. He intuitively structures his massages based upon the needs of his clients, while maintaining the invocation of the heart and soul.

Robyn Baldimor
Robyn Baldimor

Aloha, my is name Robyn, a 2014 graduate of Hawaii Healing Arts College. I have practiced massage as a Licensed Therapist for 7 years and Nationally Certified since 2020. My journey with massage started at a very young age watching my great grandmother and aunt perform their methods of massage on my grandmother, who suffered from chronic arthritis. Their beliefs that healing begins from the inside out is where I gathered my passion to help others. I started my own practice at Arcadia Retirement Home and 15 Craigside Retirement Home, focusing specifically on geriatrics. My techniques include Swedish massage, deep tissue, myofascial release, stretching and muscle energy. Since then I have expanded my experience working in various massage clinics and spas on Oahu, Hilo, Florida and Texas where I was introduced to hot stones and cupping. I look forward to continuing my passion and creating massage sessions that best suit my clients needs.

Chris Chai
Chris Chai

This is my journey: 1999-2003 Sales and Marketing of Far Infrared Amethyst Biomats, Chi machines, Aura and Chakra Videos. 1999-2004 Dahn Yoga: Korean Energy Massage, yoga, taichi, and martial arts for self healing. Balance for mind, body, spirit, and increase vital chi energy 2004-2005 Lomilomi 1 & 2 with Kumu Karen Leialoha Carrol: Ha (breath/energy), Opu Huli (turn stomach), lower back issues, shortness of breath, misalignment of hips, legs, feet and indigestion. Causes: falling, heavy lifting, accident or physical trauma. 2005 Graduate of Hawaii Healing Arts College and Massage Professionals 2005 Post Grad Program in Advanced Techniques: Clinical massage for lower back/pelvis. Foundation in clinical massage. 2005-2006 Orthopedic Massage and Pain Management with James Waslowski. Upper Body: Myofascial Release Techniques and stretches for neck, frozen shoulder and other related issues. Lower Body: MFR and stretches for hips, glutes, legs and lower back. 2005-2006 Hina’ea Spa Services: LMT Swedish, Deep/Sports, Lomilomi, Prenatal Massage 2005-2006 Fukuji and Lum Physical therapy: LMT Workers Comp. and Car Insurance Injuries 2011 Love, Peace and Harmony Center Honolulu. Master Zhi Ghang Sha. Divine Healing Hands: Self Healing and Blessings for Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical Bodies. Soul Healing Blessings 2011 Angels in Hawaii Workshop: Balance of Chakra (energy centers of the body) with Stones and Crystals. Imbalance in Chakras may cause physical and emotional imbalance. 2015 Fascianation Method: Self Myofascial Release for Professionals/Instructor with Anthony Chrisco: Chronic Pain issues, Increase Range of Motion, Tennis/Golfers Elbow, Carpal Tunnel, Migraines, Headaches, Sciatica, Frozen Shoulder, and Lymphatic Drainage 2005-2021 Hawaii Healing Arts College and Massage Professionals: LMT Swedish, Deep/Sports, Lomilomi, Prenatal Massage. 2006-2020 Spa Suites @ the Kahala Hotel and Resort: LMT Swedish, Deep/Sports, Ar