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Description: My Gift to clients is repairing damaged hair and restoring a healthy scalp. I work with local dermatologists for the right related Medical Treatments and Therapy I also Specializing in African American hair care, Hair Extension, Braids, Press n Curl
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Logo: Hair and Scalp Recovery Center
Phone: 6618608202
Address: 13724 Burbank Blvd

Sherman Oaks CA 93550
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Business Hours: Tuesday Thru Saturday 10am to 8pm
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kema hayes
kema hayes

Kema Hayes has led an impressive career bringing her clients damaged hair back to life, lengthening hard-to-grow tresses, reversing extreme scalp disorders, and performing life-changing non-surgical hair replacements as a licensed hair professional of 30 years. Her commitment to inspiring "new self-esteem” for the women and girls that she works with has resulted in patrons who brag that: ●Kema "cares about you and your hair.” ●She is an "expert in hair care and treatments." ●She "makes you feel comfortable with your hair and scalp issues." ●She “makes sure that you get exactly what you want.” ●Her clients will testify that Kema "has the magic touch!" As a Certified Trichologist and the owner of the Hair and Scalp Recovery Center in Sherman Oaks, California, Kema Hayes fully commits to each individual with hair and scalp disorders with a thorough consultation, educating them on their specific disorder, teaching them why the disorder is occurring, and guiding them through individualized steps for reversing their condition. Her strategies are FDA-approved, physician-recommended, and clinically proven. Because of her talent and skills, clients travel hundreds of miles to receive her special treatment. In addition to receiving her Certification in Trichology in 2017 from the Los Angeles Trade-Technical College for Cosmetology, Kema also holds a Tree of Life Certification in Natural Healing, Health, and Wellness. She is a member of the World Trichology Society. Her gifts don't end there. Kema is a trained hair colorist, a Brazilian blowout professional, and an advanced hair-cutting specialist. When Kema is not changing her clients' lives, she enjoys a good puzzle or spending quality time with her grandchildren, who truly have her heart.