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in northport, NY

Description: BEACH CLASSES! ZOOM Creative Yoga Classes: Fusion Yoga Classes, Traditional Vinyasa and Meditation classes, Weekly Kirtan, Yoga Concerts, workshops involving Art and Music. Jams, Yoga for Musicians...We want to GROOVE YOUR SOUL...HEALING MIND, BODY, SOUL.
Additional Info: New to yoga? Not sure if you want to try a class? Email Lisa at and see how we can help you begin/continue your yoga journey. Small classes, beginners and intermediate.
Logo: Groovy Lotus Yoga and Music
Phone: 5163805588
Address: Parks and Beaches throughout Long Island, NY

northport NY 11768
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Business Hours: check class schedule for class days and hours
Payment Types Accepted: Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Amex
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Lisa Pellicone Arce
Lisa  Pellicone Arce

Lisa is a yoga teacher, professional vocalist and history teacher in the NYS public school system. Lisa's passions are nature, yoga, spirituality, music, history and culture. Lisa has two children, Adam, a personal trainer and media specialist, and Ava, a musician and original musical artist. LIsa loves to bring people to the practice of yoga for the purpose of helping them create lives that better serve them, their perceived passions and duties and to find new, expanded meaning to life and love. All on the mat??? Mostly...We learn from yoga teachings both on and off the mat. There are so many ways to practice yoga. Message Lisa and ask her what she means by that...Lisa sees everyone as a Groovy Lotus just unfolding and folding along with life's cycles. Don't be afraid to get a little muddy...