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in Brookfield, IL

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Brookfield IL 60513
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Reyna specializes in cardio fitness training, including POUND, HIITSTEP, and Strong by Zumba

John Parrish
John Parrish

Beyond Human Fitness Master Trainer, L.A. Fitness Boot Camp Instructor, Signature Fitness CPT, CES, WFS (NASM) Zumba B1 Instructor NABBA\PBNA Pro

Daniel Pesina
Daniel Pesina

Master Pesina will be teaching Traditional and Contemporary martial arts. Contemporary focuses on the sport aspect including form, weapons and sport fighting. Traditional martial arts are what people think of when thinking ancient fighting systems.

Phillip Ahn, M.D.
Phillip Ahn, M.D.

Board certified Family Physician, 6th Degree black belt in Taekwondo, has studied and taught martial arts for 40 years and formally trained some professional athletes including members of the Chicago Blackhawks.