Business: Family Massage and Nutrition LLC
Description: It has come to my attention that my phone is not always ringing thru when people call. I believe that if you leave a message I am getting the messages and text messages seem to be going thru just fine. If I am not getting back to you please email me!
Additional Info: I hate having to raise my rates. But I am not finding another option. As of April 15th I will have to raise my prices by $3 for each service. All 30 minute appointments will be raised to 28.50.
Logo: Family Massage and Nutrition LLC
Phone: 2086809725
Address: 2705 East 81 N

Idaho Falls ID 83401
Business Hours: I work Tuesday thru Friday and Saturdays by appointment. I do take morning and evening appointments, depending on my availability just please call for after hour appointments.. I do take same day appointments if availability permits.
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