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Description: We are wise women listeners who have been trained in reframing, mindfulness, deep listening and the art of asking beautiful questions. Once you have signed up, we will email you directions and some more information.
Additional Info: Everything you disclose in session is confidential and not shared with anyone beyond your Fairy Godmother. If you are under the age of 18, we will send a form for a parent or guardian to sign.
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Business Hours: Hours vary by Fairy Godmother. Note: These sessions take place over the phone, not at a physical location.
Website: https://fairy-godmothers.com/
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Missy Brandner
Missy Brandner

As a high school teacher Missy has deep empathy with adolescents. She also loves to talk with women who struggle with special diets, addiction, disordered eating, anxiety, bullying, body image, chronic pain, and estranged family. Her home and heart include a husband, three boys, and an odd collection of pets. Availability: Mostly weeknights and weekends

Tami Klucas
Tami Klucas

As a military spouse, she is fiercely dedicated to her family and the military community she is well involved in. She has deep empathy for women facing adoption reunions as adults, deployment, working mom, and mom guilt. She is mama bear to three, wife to one, and friend to many. Availability: Mostly weeknights and weekends

Laura Brand
Laura Brand

She is comfortable talking with men, women and adolescents about meditation, physical fitness, loving your body, developing intuition, and dream work. She has empathy for moms, raising small children, infidelity/marriage struggle, death (of friends and close grandparents), sexual abuse within family, and unsupportive/negative parents. She tries to guide two small souls who have chosen her to be their mom, and is partner to one amazingly patient and forgiving man. Availability: Mostly weekdays

Heather Kerfeld
Heather Kerfeld

Heather brings decades of personal and professional practice for men, women, and adolescents in mindfulness, holistic psychology, energy healing, and eclectic spirituality, storytelling, surviving cancer, caretaker to her late father, chronic illness, and grief. Music, especially blue-grass, and ocean to mountain adventures are her passions. Availability: weekday afternoons to late evenings and occasional Sundays