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Description: The Studio offers at-home movement classes that encourage movers to focus on form and muscle connection for whole-body, feel-good movement.
Additional Info: Live Classes taught through Zoom | Virtual Classes through a digital resource library.
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Business Hours: One on One | Contact Annie to schedule Virtual | 24/7 Access
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Annie Durbin
Annie Durbin

Annie Durbin a Boston-based choreographer and movement educator, was born and then immediately started to move. She learned rhythm as a baby in her tap-dancing Dad’s arms at a dance studio near Detroit. Many of her early years were spent helping at the studio, watching classes, and attending productions. Annie’s mom, never gave away an answer and considered a question an opportunity for connection and deeper learning. Dance took Annie traveling all over and offered opportunities to work with artists, choreographers, masters of movement, and entrepreneurs. Annie's Dad taught ballet classes that left people feeling lighter and tap classes that brought joy to their lives. Annie's lifelong mentor and ballet instructor was also a physician. She and Annie often discussed the human body and movement relationship. Annie spent most of her life studying for her professional ballet dancer and instructor certification. That journey, like many, had setbacks and growing pains. In her teenage years, Annie began teaching while maintaining her rigorous schedule as a student. She was experiencing discomfort in her legs and, at age 14 she dislocated her knee. The injury became chronic pain, and she dislocated her knee again at 24-years old. Annie went down a long road of rehabilitation. This led her to certifications in Pilates and Functional Movement with Trent McEntire. She studied a spiraling ballet technique and took Feldenkreis classes with Peff Modelski. This program was modeled after the work of her mentors and inspired by all of those who have supported her work as a dancer and Pilates teacher. Annie's hope to make feel-good movement accessible has become her dream come true.