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Description: Focus Bodywork specializes in Orthopedic Massage, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Visceral Massage and many other modalities. We can help manage Injury, Post Op, Scar Tissue, Chronic Inflammation/Auto-Immune, Active Lifestyle Maintenance any age and any pace.
Additional Info: If you don't see an available time that works for you, please contact us by phone, text, or email to be added to our cancellation list. Additional Payment Options: most Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) accept us automatically others require pre-approval.
Logo: Focus Bodywork
Phone: 8013595149
Address: 352 S Denver St, Suite 315
Newport Center
Salt Lake City UT 84111
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Business Hours: M-F 9 am - 6 pm, occasional bonus Saturday mornings
Payment Types Accepted: Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover
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Brenna Gardner
Brenna Gardner

A licensed massage therapist since 2001, specializing in orthopedic massage, manual lymphatic drainage, visceral massage, and many other sub-specialties. She is skilled in working with chronic inflammations such as lymphedema, rheumatoid arthritis, ME/CFS; acute inflammation such as injury and post op care; most orthopedic discomfort’s that come with repetitive use from work/sport/hobby, postural imbalances both innate and from compensation.

Danielle Endow
Danielle Endow

Danielle’s lifelong interest in movement practices led her to pursue a career in massage therapy, graduating from a two-year long apprenticeship in January 2024. Building on her training in Myofascial Release Technique, Trigger Point, and a variety of neuromuscular patterning techniques. After concluding a 13-year career in professional figure skating in 2020, Danielle turned her attention to anatomy, physiology, and all things functional movement. Her personal training work, yoga training, and years of teaching ice skating gave her a deep appreciation for personalized bodywork. Adapting an athlete’s mindset to massage, she hopes to connect with folks at all stages of movement as well as support sports enthusiasts at a variety of levels. During her down time, Danielle enjoys moving her body, connecting with her community, and mulling over the intricacies of the human experience.