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Description: Hi, I'm April Mae and I teach individuals how to become & stay emotionally strong while navigating the challenges of life. I help you to uncover the true issues causing your struggles & uncover the steps to peace. We focus on how to Embrace Today.
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April Mae πŸ’•
April Mae πŸ’•

Hi my name is April Mae, and I am the holistic life coach behind Embrace Today. I work with individuals who are feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, alone and seeking direction and support. Together we will identify the root cause of these feelings and find solutions to move you forward. I will guide you to live from your Adult Chair, which is the healthiest and most authentic version of you. It’s the best seat in the whole house! My practice was developed combining the Adult Chair model and years of essential oil knowledge, energy work, and meditation. As a certified Adult Chair Coach, my promise is that I will stand beside you. I will link arms with you. I will speak truth and lead you to find your truth. The answers you are seeking are within you, I simply show you the way. I will show you how to Embrace Today, no matter what comes your way. Check out my website at EmbraceToday.com